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A club dedicated to the Disney girls who, in the face of danger and adversity, have displayed courage and the will for self sacrifice!


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Franny Robinson
Bonnie Anderson


Lately, I've noticed that a lot of people are trying to submit Moana fanart to Disney Heroines' gallery.  I'm guessing it has a lot to do with summer and the fact that the movies sounds pretty damn awesome.  However, we are not accepting Moana art  ... yet. 

We don't accept artwork from upcoming Disney films that have not yet been released in the US.

This is because Disney sometimes changes things before the movie hits theatres.  And, if it helps make up for the lack of Moana in our gallery, here are some examples of Disney movies that made changes before they hit theatres:

Before the movie came into theatres, Time magazine wrote a lengthy article about it.  Originally, the movie was proposed by a woman who heavily based it on her relationship with own daughter.  It was a tough sell because Pixar had never done a Disney princess movie before, and a lot of people felt that princesses were far overdone by Disney.  However, she was able to convince them to accept her concept, and she was the first director of the film.  Sadly, they eventually fired her.  I'm not really sure why, and it probably was for something stupid.  So they added a new director who was this weird guy who liked to wear kilts, and he was proud of adding more bear hunting scenes (which, of course, is more important than a touching and relatable story about a girl and her mother *rolls eyes at Disney*).  Disney ended up citing both directors in the movies' credits, but they made it seem more like they were co-directors.

Many, many years ago (maybe about fourteen or fifteen), Time magazine wrote a little snippet article about Disney's plans to make a Rapunzel movie.  Apparently, the movie was supposed to be called Rapunzel Unbraided.  The movie took forever for them to be accepted and completed, and they changed the name to Tangled (which is a better name, you must admit).

The Princess and the Frog
Another announcement in Time magazine from many years ago mentioned that Disney was going to have its first African American princess, and her name was Addy.  For some reason, they changed her name to Tiana.  I'm not sure why, but I do have to admit that it was a much better name (perhaps it had something to do with American Girl having an African American character named Addy?).

Beauty and the Beast
Okay, let's step away from Time magazine for a second.  In Beauty and the Beast, there were originally three different suitors for Belle.  Eventually, the character Gaston was created as a solitary suitor instead of three.  He was designed as an effeminate dandy French nobleman.  In addition, Belle was supposed to have an aunt named Maguerite, but they eventually cut her out.  Later, one of the people working on the film decided to change Gaston's character into a macho man hunter.  She said she based on some ex-boyfriends she had (poor woman!).

There were a lot of changes made in the film (which makes sense considering Disney wanted to make this movie since the 1930's).  Here is a link with some more of its changes: Gaston and other Beauty and the Beast alterations

This movie was inspired by The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen.  If you've ever watched both the movie and read the story, you already know they have almost nothing in common.  Originally, the film's plot was going to be closer to the fairytale.  Elsa was supposed to be evil, and Anna was not her sister.  As Disney developed it and included the song Let it Go, they realized that Elsa and Anna would makes the most sense as siblings and that Elsa was a very sympathetic character who should be on the side of good.

The Little Mermaid
When movies are made, there are usually scenes and characters cut from the final production because there simply isn't enough time.  In this film, there was supposed be a character named Harold the Merman.  He was a nerdy, sweet guy who made a deal with Ursula and was unable to hold up his end of the bargain.  Harold was turned into a polyp (one of those "Poor Unfortunate Souls" who Ursula collected and turned into a gross little seaweed-like creature).  He was intended to be included in order to show what happens if a person didn't fulfill their due with the sea witch in time.  Although he was very beloved by the Disney creative team, ultimately there just wasn't enough time to put him in the movie.

The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea
Jodi Benson reprised her role as the voice actress of Ariel.  When she read the script, she felt that Ariel should reflect more of her rebellious personality that was so crucial to the story of the first movie.  Disney did make some changes, although I don't think they did enough because Ariel wasn't rebellious at all in the movie (just very, very repressed).

In the 90's, Disney was looking to make a movie about an Chinese Disney princess.  They started production on a movie called China Doll about an "oppressed" Chinese girl who fell in love with an American and found her happily-ever-after from running away with him to the West.  Long story short, they chose to make the movie based on a Chinese poem about a secretly female soldier.  Later, they decided to change the animation style that planned for Mulan into one that was closer to that of traditional Chinese art with watercolor and simpler color scheme.

(My family is Chinese, and my dad and I love to paint.  His paintings are very realistic, but they also show smooth, solid colors while mine tend to have more shading and light effects.  His preference comes from Asian aesthetic influence).

Although mostly people remember this movie because its chatterbox genie, the film was very controversial.  It was made during Operation Desert Storm, a war between the US and Iraq.  The film was supposed to be set in Baghdad, but they had to change the name to the fictional kingdom of "Agrabah."  Many people felt the film was racist against Middle Easterners, and some of the more offensive lines in the film were removed.  One of the edited lines that were changed included a description of Agrabah in the merchant's introduction song where he says that the kingdom is a place "where they cut off your ear if they don't like your face."

Toy Story
Disney wanted the movie to include Barbie as one of the toys and Woody's love interest.  They weren't able to get the rights to the character from Mattel in time, so they invented the character Bo Peep instead.  They were able to secure the copyright for the second and third movies, but they kept Bo Peep as Woody's girlfriend and put Ken as Barbie's love interest in the third movie.

Interesting fact about Barbie: the woman who invented the toy named Barbie and Ken after her daughter and son.  Barbie and Ken were supposed to be brother and sister, but I guess that changed . . . which is rather gross.

The Avengers
Technically The Avengers is a Disney movie because it came after the company purchased Marvel Comics and was a Disney production.  In the first versions of the script, there was no female Avenger in the film.  Black Widow was added to the cast after pressure to have a superheroine in the movie and to try to prove that the Avengers were not a team of gay men.  (Sadly, they picked a character who had no superpowers and tended to be used more as a love interest.  I think she was better in Age of Ultron, which included another female character named The Scarlet Witch).

In the film, Columbian singer Shakira is the voice actress of Gazelle, a female animal pop star.  Gazelle was completely based on Shakira herself.  When Shakira first laid eyes on the initial design of her character, she noticed that there was something missing.  She insisted that her character be more curvy, and the animators heeded her request.

Arachnophilia: Black Widow Feature

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 5, 2016, 2:48 PM



Hosted by Comic Underground and Disney Heroines


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What is the Comic Character of the Month?

Comic Underground and Disney Heroines co-host a special contest called The Comic Character of the Month contest. Every month, the head admin chooses a comic book character from Disney's Marvel films, and people submit artwork based on that character. All Comic Underground sponsored artwork in the Comic Underground Gallery based on that character is automatically included in contest, but please put all submissions be put in the Comic Underground Comic Character of the Month gallery folder. Similarly, all Disney Heroines sponsored artwork in the chosen character's folder based on that character is automatically included in contest, but please put all Disney submissions be put in the Disney Heroines Comic Character of the Month gallery folder. One winner is chosen from each group, and both winners get 10 deviantART point each, a permanent place for their winning work in the Featured section of the group they submitted it to. Everyone who submitted work for the contest will have their work in a group feature (which is this!) that appears in in the blog of both groups.

The Russian Widow by SavvyRed

A Short Story

Usually, ImpulsiveSpidercide writes a detailed description about the history of characters as the literature portion of the feature. However, that did not work out this time, so instead I will post a fan fiction I wrote about Black Widow. If you have been a long-time member of Disney Heroines, you may recognize it.


A voice came to me. It called out comfortingly,
It said, "Come here,
Leave your deaf and sinful land,
Leave Russia forever.

I will wash the blood from your hands,
Root out the black shame from your heart,
With a new name I will conceal
The pain of defeats and injuries.”

- Anna Akhmatova




            Natasha looked up at the bleak grey-blue Russian sky and shivered, wrapping her cloak closer to her waist and fidgeting with her bright red locks.  The oranges leaves hung motionlessly on the branches of tall oak trees, and somehow between the dead earth and the dead sky, there was an element of beauty.  Clint had taught her that.  She remembered November days when she wouldn't need any extra layers of clothing, nothing fancy or warm.  All she needed was for him to enfold her in his arms, and the heat between them could warm a thousand nights of death or sorrow.  But those days had run out like little grains of sand in an hour glass.  It was time to make the decision.


            It was time.




            Americans would always say that Russia was cold and barren, unable to grow anything thing other than "whatever borsch is made out of" and communist spies.  She remembered how much she hated them (and how she was allergic to borsch).  It was days like these when the tourists became rowdier, more demanding.  Old American men with greasy hair and bulging waistlines would point at her and say "How much does she cost?"


            Everything has a price.  You just need to know what you're getting in return.


            Sometimes she wanted to shoot them in the head.  She would feel her jaw reflexively clench whenever she heard the words "mail order bride," "tzarina," "Princess Anastasia," or "Does she speak English?"
    I guess the Americans were right about growing Soviet spies, she would think to herself with a smirk, although I'm really more of an assassin.  Usually the inside joke that was enough to prevent her from actually taking out her revolver and making a bloody mess on the pavement.  She was trained not to draw suspicions and to always conserve bullets.  They called her Black Widow, not Bloody Mary.  It was beneath her to kill for fun.  She listened to orders, not impulses.


            Until she met him.  Him.





            The day was a blur.  People went in buildings, walked around, swore under their breath, and smelled of cheap vodka.  There usually isn't much to do when every day the sun hides it face in a cloudy veil.  Despite the cold, some moron turista had thought it was a great idea to hold a drinking contest in a local bar.  It was hard to tell who had won because so many people were vomiting, stumbling around, and laughing like banshees in the streets.

            Natasha rolled her eyes as she walked around in her skin-tight black leather outfit.  She had no clue why her superiors demanded that she wear this so much.  It was warm, but it was foolish to think that anyone wouldn't notice a woman walking around in patent leather black jumpsuit.  Men are such pigs, she thought to herself.  There were enough apathetic people on the sidewalks to camouflage amongst the stark urban background.

            But whoever the drunk foreigners were, even the strongest sense of Russian aloofness was not enough to prevent some stares.  For some reason, they were all wearing the same uniform, and it looked like they came straight out of a costume party.  The strangers may have walked around unnoticed if not for their drunken antics.  The most pathetic part of it all was that some people were still drinking.  Some guy with a full bottle of Smirnoff stumbled around while trying to force it down as quickly as he could.  He failed and loss balance.  The clear liquid alcohol fell all over Natasha's clothing, and she seethed with anger.  Acting upon instinct, she took out her revolver and aimed it straight at his head.  The man froze instantly and urinated all over himself.  As her fingers unlocked the safety setting on her gun, she suddenly found that there was someone aiming at her, too.

            "Put.  It.  Down."  The voice was stern and deep, more cautious than angry. "NOW."

            She swiveled around and held her gun by her side, looking straight into the eyes of her antagonist.  He was a young man with sharp features.  His eyes were brown, similar to her own mahogany hued irises, but much darker and purposeful.  She could feel his glare digging into her without changing expression.  Natasha might have felt more vulnerable in front of him if not for the fact that he was dressed in a sleeveless black leather shirt and held an arrow four centimeters away from her face.  She fought back the urge to laugh, yet his expression remained as serious.

            "Stop laughing," he demanded.

            "Oh come on.  You must be joking," she replied with only a slight chuckle.

            "No.  I can promise that your face won't be so pretty if you keep acting like this."  His eyes squinted slightly with a sense of annoyance, and his arrow continued to stay in front of her.

            "You really think you can hurt me with that?"  She rose her gun and pointed it to his forehead.  Without saying a word, the archer pointed to the ground and shot three ants right on target before putting an arrow in the exact position it was before.  He motioned to her weapon.

            "Drop it."

            She dropped it.

            "Nick, I think I just found our girl."



            As she opened the front door and went back into the cozy setting of her home, she was careful not to tread any dirt inside.  She reflected back on the days between the time she met Clint and now.  Things had gotten so complicated.  Natasha had hated him so much, had hated all that an American in spandex called Hawkeye could possibly represent.  They had clashed, Russian assassin versus American sniper, woman versus man, renegade versus warrior.  And then suddenly, everything changed.  It was Hawkeye who had made her realize that she had been brainwashed.  It was Hawkeye who had put his reputation on the line to save her.  And it was this Hawkeye, this Clint Barton who had stolen her heart.

            The romance hadn't been easy.  Nothing ever was.  But somehow he never let go.  He never had doubts.  He was the same stupid, stupid American who captured her stupid, stupid Russian heart.  The political differences slowly melted, and she stopped seeing him as a representation of his homeland.  So they were equal now.

            And now her thoughts made their way back to her impending decision.  Nick had reluctantly let her assist in S.H.I.E.L.D operations for quite some time.  The conflict that arose between the United States and Russia had dissipated, and now it was time for the hawk-eyed hero to make his way home.  He could have chosen to stay in Russia, and he probably would have if not for the recent emergency situation in America.  So now he was back in his country, fighting the good fight.  He had invited her to join, but he wanted her to move to the US permanently.  He didn't understand.


            Russia waits for no one.


Natasha was just about to turn on the news and brood more when a knock came at the door.  She stood up, and suddenly the door swung open.

            "Clint?" she said.


"It's time."

- S.




Next Month's Character:

Pepper Potts

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