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fairy tale wedding -commission by nightwing1975
Disney Breast Cancer Awareness by supereilonwypevensie
Cassidy by Darkmoonwanted
Zoe by Darkmoonwanted
Past Contests
gissel's christmas by hermionejgranger
Merry Christmas by ADQuatt
Snow fun by kushkapa
Christmas Float by Darkmoonwanted
Comic Character of the Mo - Christine Palmer
Christine Palmer or general doctor journal skin by SavvyRed
Christine Palmer for a journal skin by SavvyRed
Attemping Marvel fanart... Disney Style by artycomicfangirl
Christine Palmer from Doctor Strange by SavvyRed
Two or More Disney Heroines From Different Films
Belle and Mulan... by WormholePaintings
Happy Valentine's Day! by FlyingPrincess
My Top ten favorite animated couples by Romethehybrid
Anti EW by Wonderland-Rebel
Fan Fiction
101 Dalmatians film series
Cruella De Vil by MysteriousMaemi
Anita Disney Girls Collab by CherishTree
Anita 101 Dalmatians Sketch by CherishTree
Happy Vday! by MaryJet
A Bug's Life film
A Bugs Wife by Gilliland35
Princess Atta by Moon-Shyne
Princess Atta by KrofftFan96
Atta by intrepidMUSE
Aladdin film series
Jasmine by Fires-storm
Animated Superheroines: Jasmine by diangeloshepherd
Jasmine by natalico
Jasmine - In The Skies by Aozee
Alice in Wonderland film series
Time's Up Alice! by Wonderland-Rebel
Disney's Alice Through the Looking Glass Ooak Doll by DaisyDaling
Disney's Alice Through the Looking Glass Ooak Doll by DaisyDaling
Alice in Wonderland and The White Rabbit Crochet by fourthimbles
Atlantis film series
Animated Superheroines: Kida by diangeloshepherd
Bambi film series
Feline And Family by dyb
Beauty and the Beast film series
Belle OOAK doll by RYfactory
Big Hero 6 film
Honey Lemon Christmas by Andi-Tiucs
Bolt film
Just a girl and her dog, Bolt. by KayleeOliverCosplay
Brave film
Brave-3 by LucreciaPhoto
Cinderella film series
Cinderella by Fires-storm
Disney's Fairies film series
Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust by AlwaysLove13
Doctor Strange film
Enchanted film
Penelo Giselle by KaeMcSpadden
Fantasia film series
Centaurette by TheQueenSerena
Finding Nemo film series
Cuddle Party! by AClockworkKitten
Flubber film
Hover by RezkaPrataM4X
Frozen film series
Queen Elsa by CaptnBucky
George of the Jungle film series
I Know Why the Dog Howls at the Moon by Captain-BlackClaw
Guardians of the Galaxy film
Nebula by DraganD
Hercules film
Disney's Hercules and Meg' by didouchafik
Inside Out film
Inside Out of Kingdom Hearts 3 by xeternalflamebryx
Inspector Gadget film series
Toy Girls - Catalogue Series 31: Penny Gadget by mickeyelric11
Into the Woods film
No One is Alone by M-Mannering
Lady and the Tramp film series
Lady and The Tramp3 The Prankster Sorceress(Redo) by SegaDisneyUniverse
Lilo and Stitch film series
Ohana means family by Eingel91
Mary Poppins film
Mary Poppins by raziink
Meet the Robinsons film
Sweet Frog Song by Frelsie
Moana film
This Is Not Who You Are (You Know Who You Are) by Fritsa-Wolf
Monsters Inc film series
20 Years of Pixar Monsters Inc. by KatieGirlsForever
Mulan film series
Preview of February's Waifu! Mulan! by customwaifus
Oliver and Company film
Rita by uumbrella
Paperman short film
Meg from Paperman by Fires-storm
Peter Pan film series
Tinkerbell by Mystbite-DA
Pinocchio film
Disney Candy- Starburst Blue Fairy by spicysteweddemon
Pirates of the Caribbean film series
Pirates of the Caribbean dolls by noeling
Pocahontas film series
Pocahontas by irisanimae
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time film
Princess Tamina_POP by Smiley1starrs
Ratatouille film
Disney Girl Challenge 6: Colette by ThemawtArcsion
Robin Hood film series
paper-maid marian by autumnrose83
Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent film series
Aurora The Sleeping Beauty by AsyaMimo
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs film
Animated Superheroines: Snow White by diangeloshepherd
Strange Magic film
Sun Dust by Yohiri
Tangled film series
Rapunzel and Flynn Rider by SilverCatseyes
Tarzan film series
The Bond by nataliebeth
The Aristocats film
Victorian Duchess 31 by greydeer2010
The Avengers film series
Agent Peggy Carter by Sweeneygirl310593
The Black Cauldron film
Animated Superheroines: Eilonwy by diangeloshepherd
The Chronicles of Narnia film series
The Lion and the warrior by TaijaVigilia
The Emperor's New Groove film series
True love! by Pasoslargos
The Fox and the Hound film series
CC: Vixey and Tod by MistyTang
The Great Mouse Detective film
Olivia and Fidget - Sleep by disneyfangirl774
The Hunchback of Notre Dame film series
Esmeralda by KissofCrimson
The Incredibles film
Mrs. Incredible by Sonson-Sensei
The Jungle Book film series
Disney  Shanti from the Jungle book. by didouchafik
The Lion King film series
Simba and Nala by Romethehybrid
The Little Mermaid film series
Little Kelp Forest by TriGod-AlliKat
The Lone Ranger film
Red Harrington by DouglasBunny
The Nightmare Before Christmas film
Sally Selfie by LaceyCheshireGrin
The Princess and the Frog film
Animated Superheroines: Charlotte La Bouff by diangeloshepherd
The Princess Diaries film series
The Live Action Disney Princesses by FlyingPrincess
The Rescuers film series
Disney University - Penny by Hyung86
The Santa Clause film series
Thor film series
Darcy and Jane's Cape by HarbingerLoki
Toy Story film series
Calendar 2017 - Bo Peep by himehisagi
Treasure Planet film
JaAm: Steampunk'd by Jie-n
TRON film series
Kingdom Hearts 3D Quorra by JoshuaOrro
WALL-E film
Robo Lovin! by MissPaigeChristine
Who Framed Roger Rabbit film
Animated Superheroines: Jessica Rabbit by diangeloshepherd
Winnie the Pooh film series
Kanga by Genie92
Wreck-It Ralph film
Raver Vanellope by Skirtzzz
Zootopia film
Nick, Judy, Quincy by zdrer456

Welcome to Disney Heroines!


A club dedicated to the Disney girls who, in the face of danger and adversity, have displayed courage and the will for self sacrifice!


Disney Heroines is Under Construction!

For more information, we have the following blog entries:
Can't Move Art into Different Group Folders
On vacation until 1/22/17
Folders Done! Rule suggestions?
Disney Heroines Under Construction!


We are still accepting submissions to the gallery. All folders are completely done, although we are taking suggestions for more folders.

Thank you for your patience and happy new year!


Another Riddle Contest [CLOSED]

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 19, 2017, 8:29 PM

keeping it weird since 1987

:iconredheart-plz: The first person to answer this correctly wins 50 pts!


I am money you can’t spend on things;

They say I fly but I have no wings.
I am fourth with the letter D,
A healer but will bring death to thee.

:star: The riddle has been solved!  The answer is Time. :star:

Time is money, but you can't spend it on things.  Time flies.  It's considered the fourth dimension, which is written as 4D.  Time heals all wounds, but we will all die in Time.

The winner of the contest is :iconiamabananaoo:


1. To enter the contest, reply to this journal and post your answer.
I will NOT give any prizes to answers that are submitted in any other way!  No notes, posts on my profile, etc.  Just reply to this.  If you try to send it to me, I will remind you to post here.  This is so everyone can see the guesses.
2. You only get ONE guess, so make it good!
Do NOT put more than one guess in your post.  I will delete your post if you do.
3. Do NOT ask for hints.  I will not give you any.
The only thing I will tell you is what other people have posted that are wrong.
4. Do NOT use multiple accounts to have more guesses!
5. Please do NOT try to use Google to solve this!
I made this up, but it's possible that someone else has thought of this before me.  I checked Google, and there doesn't seem to be a searchable answer for this, so don't bother trying.  Be creative!  You won't lose anything if you're wrong!
6. No due date!
This contest will be valid for as long as it takes to figure out!
7. The prize is 50 deviantART points.
Just as a reminder!

Good luck!

Comic Character of the Month: December 2016


Hosted by Comic Underground and Disney Heroines


Disney Heroines

Attemping Marvel fanart... Disney Style by artycomicfangirl

Comic Underground

Stephen Strange and Christine Palmer by BekahTodd

What is the Comic Character of the Month?

Comic Underground and Disney Heroines co-host a special contest called The Comic Character of the Month contest. Every month, the head admin chooses a comic book character from Disney's Marvel films, and people submit artwork based on that character. All Comic Underground sponsored artwork in the Comic Underground Gallery based on that character is automatically included in contest, but please put all submissions be put in the Comic Underground Comic Character of the Month gallery folder. Similarly, all Disney Heroines sponsored artwork in the chosen character's folder based on that character is automatically included in contest, but please put all Disney submissions be put in the Disney Heroines Comic Character of the Month gallery folder. One winner is chosen from each group, and both winners get 10 deviantART point each, a permanent place for their winning work in the Featured section of the group they submitted it to. Everyone who submitted work for the contest will have their work in a group feature (which is this!) that appears in in the blog of both groups. However, we are now discontinuing the contest in Disney Heroines and keeping it solely in Comic Underground. We will be replacing this monthly contest at Disney Heroines with a Disney Heroine of the Month contest in the future.

Thoughts on Christine Palmer

Although we usually have a literature piece by ImpulsiveSpidercide, I (SavvyRed) will be writing one instead.

Christine Palmer is definitely not a famous or glorified Marvel character. Although she appears as the neurosurgeon Dr. Christine Palmer played by Rachel McAdams in the 2016 Marvel film Doctor Strange and serves as the good doctor's love interest, she is actually not from and never appears in the Doctor Strange comic books. Her character originates in a series of comics called Night Nurse (in which she is, well, a nurse). Truth be told, I have no idea why they chose that character. Dr. Christine Palmer has nothing in common with Nurse Christine Palmer other than being female, attractive, and in the medical field. Fans of the comic book version of Doctor Strange know that his love interest is a fellow superheroine Clea, who has a lot of depth and is well-recognized by Marvel comic books fans. However, the director of the film version decided that he wanted a mortal character for Dr. Stephen Strange because he wanted someone to tie Stephen to the non-magical world, someone who would tempt him back from the metaphysical realm. This does make sense, but it is still weird that the director chose such an obscure character in the Marvel Universe. Although it's obvious that he chose to make her a neurosurgeon to have a more feminist interpretation (which is good). Despite everything, including her lack of popularity in the fandom world, I think Christine is an interesting character and hope that she appears in a Doctor Strange sequel or in a future film installment of The Avengers series. If you haven't watched the movie Doctor Strange, you're missing out; unlike many recent comic book films, it was very critically acclaimed and beloved by moviegoers as well. You might actually like the character Christine even more than I do!

- S.

And now ... the FEATURE!

Disney Heroines
Attemping Marvel fanart... Disney Style by artycomicfangirl

Comic Underground

Doctor Strange (Earth-1708) by GaleRodrick17 Dr. Stephen Strange - The Sorcerer Supreme by danielfoez Christine Palmer by DarthCrotalus Stephen Strange and Christine Palmer by Queenofnightwish

Rachel McAdams confirms Doctor Strange roleCanadian actress Rachel McAdams has been confirmed to star in next year's Marvel Cinematic Universe film Doctor Strange starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Tilda Swinton and Chiwetel Ejiofor, The Wrap has reported.
The actress' role remains under wraps. Doctor Strange comes out on November 4, 2016.
Dr. Strange (Stephen and Christine) by CrEaTiVeLy--InSaNe


March 2017

Black Canary
[Dinah Drake]

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