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I See The Light by debNise
Moana Journal Skin by SavvyRed
Darcy Lewis: Journal Skin No.2 by SavvyRed
Darcy and Jane's Cape by HarbingerLoki
Rabbit-tize Contest
Esmerabbit by WanderSong
Rabbit-ize Contest - Sally by Tabascofanatikerin
Judy Hopps and little Easter Bunny by SweetPrank
curiouser and curiouser by callmetui
No Heroine Left Behind Contest
repainted ooak honey lemon doll from big hero 6. by verirrtesIrrlicht
The Goddess Of Spring by valloria
Twitterpated  by chelseahanson
Maleficent by Horakso
Winter and Holiday Contest
This will keep you warm.. by rosarosi
Helga Sinclair by Art-By-Stephanie
Christmas Wishes by Kastagir
Tangled Christmas Shopping by aimeekitty
Past Contest Winners
Darcy and Jane's Cape by HarbingerLoki
Agent Peggy Carter by FilipaP
Guardians of the Galaxy : Gamora 4 by Amapolchen
Rescue by PhoenixStudios91
Comic Character of the Mo - Christine Palmer
Christine Palmer from Doctor Strange by SavvyRed
Christine Palmer Banner by SavvyRed
Two or More Disney Heroines
Disney Villains by JabberjayArt
Disney Villain's Designer Collection by Katifisen
Elsa and Anna by VikussMail
Modern Day Princesses by EverAfterArtist
Fan Fiction
009 by BGShepard
011 by BGShepard
Alice in Wonderland film series
repainted ooak mirana, the white queen doll. by verirrtesIrrlicht
Treasure Planet film
Treasure Planet: Sarah Hawkins by thetrappedartist
Angelica Teach Cosplay by BabiSparrow
Indian Dancer-Anita by autumnrose83
Anna (Topsy Turvy Dress) by ThomasAnime
The Little Mermaid film series
repainted ooak queen athena doll. - ariel's mom. by verirrtesIrrlicht
A Bug's Life film
A Bugs Wife by Gilliland35
Atlantis: Audrey Ramirez by thetrappedartist
Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent film series
Mademoiselle Featherduster by Tsukihana
Aunt Cass
Lucy and Cass by laney10
Beauty and the Beast film series
Belle - Beauty and the Beast - Truly enchanted by LadyRoseTea
The Rescuers film series
Disney University - Penny by Hyung86
The Avengers film series
Pepper Potts banner by SavvyRed
Pinocchio film
Blue Fairy OOAK Doll by lulemee
Bonnie Anderson
From Andy to Bonnie by Lightyear90
Monsters Inc film series
Who am I? by Gamekirby
Bo Peep
Bo Peep by Genie92
Prince Naveen of Maldonia by SamanthaLynnCosplay
The Emperor's New Groove film series
Mom! by DitaDiPolvere
Doctor Strange film
Cinderella film series
Fairy God Mother (Hard Sketch) by xGuruHaleyx
Disney Girl Challenge 6: Colette by ThemawtArcsion
Cruella De Vil
Cruella De Vil by MysteriousMaemi
Darcy Lewis
Darcy Lewis by SavvyRed
Guess I'll just have to dumb it down to your level by SweetJesterQueen
Another Dixie Drawing! by SegaDisneyUniverse
Home is Wherever I'm with You (UPDATED) by Galapagos-Girl
The Aristocats by uumbrella
Elastigirl aka Helen Parr
X-Girl-Elastigirl 1 by autumnrose83
Princess Eilonwy by DANGERcomics
Elizabeth Swann
Elizabeth Swann by ShankiesDoodles
repainted ooak singing frozen fever elsa. by verirrtesIrrlicht
Are you always this charming, or am I just lucky? by LisaGunnIllustration
Define dancing by grim1978
Feline And Family by dyb
The First Queen - Snow White's mother
A mother's wish by eleonoraisabelle
Franny Robinson
Sweet Frog Song by Frelsie
Disney's Zootopia Gazelle OOAK Doll Repaint by DaisyDaling
True love's kiss by NovemberCosplay
Go-Go Tamago
Woman Up! by digital-vox
Grand Councilwoman
Making a Decision by Blumestien
''Nothing personal.'' by MeuWi
Honey Lemon
Honey Lemon - Big Hero 6 by Kargonaute
Jane - Return to Neverland
Older Jane by Ribon95
Jane Porter - Tarzan
Jane With the Gorillas by Melbunnie24
Disney Aladdin, Jasmine by Maiku-sempai
Disney Girl Challenge 10: Jenny by ThemawtArcsion
Jessica Rabbit
It's hard being a woman looking the way I do... by siepierski
Rapunzel style by rain1940
Inktober Day 9 Sketch by EmilyCammisa
Judy Hopps
judy hopps kh3 coming soon! by Legend-Cooper
Tarzan by Pasoslargos
Kanga by Genie92
The Fishing Queen by dyb
Kidagakash aka Kida
Kidagakash Nedakh chibi by Jukoka
Lady by JabberjayArt
Disney: Lilo by MoreTeaLove
Little Red Riding Hood
Red Riding Hood - Journey to Fruition by DenaeFrazierStudios
Lucy Pevensie
Edmund and Lucy by JabberjayArt
Madellaine as Esmeralda (Topsy Turvy Dress) by ThomasAnime
Maid Marian
Aladdin x RH: What's Your Name? (Inktober) by DrGaster
Sun Dust by Fonora
30 Day Challenge - 27th - Marie by himehisagi
Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins Inspired Shoe - Disney Sole by becsketch
Meg - Paperman
Meg by FlyingPrincess
Megara_COLOR by Freya-Art
What I REALLY Want To Be. . . by InkArtWriter
Merida Watercolor Clock by SilhouettesbyMarie
Mia Thermopolis
The Live Action Disney Princesses by FlyingPrincess
Moana film
Moana by Spidertof
Mrs. Otterton
Mrs. Otterton with Open Arms by KBAFourthtime
mulan sketch by Zulphia
Mulan II Princesses - Su, Mei, and Ting-Ting
Princess Mei - Zyuranger (Disney version) by jajuruns90rebels
The Muses
Summer Muse by chelleface90
Disney University - Nakoma and Thomas by Hyung86
Lion King by dyb
Nani Doll by Sner2000
Olivia Doll by Sner2000
Peggy Carter
Agent Peggy Carter by FilipaP
Penny - Bolt
Just a girl and her dog, Bolt. by KayleeOliverCosplay
Penny - Inspector Gadget
Toy Girls - Catalogue Series 31: Penny Gadget by mickeyelric11
If Pongo and Perdita were Human by Rebellet
Stitch! - Perfect Memories by jajuruns90rebels
Tim Burton Style: Pocahontas by YERDUA
Queen Elinor
Inktober 2016 #21 - Big by valloria
Kingdom Hearts 3D Quorra by JoshuaOrro
Rapunzel/Malificent - Tanglelificent by Fabielove
Rebecca Reid
John And Rebecca Reid Sketches by wolf-pirate55
Red Harrington
Red Harrington by DouglasBunny
Art Trade: Ryan by SegaDisneyUniverse
Sadness by RomanGodMercury
Sally Selfie by LaceyCheshireGrin
The Lion King - Humans by JR-Julia
Sergeant Calhoun
Calhoun Sketch by Confidenceman047
Historical Disney Warrior Princess - Shanti by Pelycosaur24
Little Rabbit by InkArtWriter
Snow White
snow white - art nouveau by hannah alexander by leila1000
The Goddess Of Spring by valloria
Sugar Rush Racers
Minty Zaki by PilloTheStarplestian
Susan Pevensie
The Lion and the warrior by TaijaVigilia
Philip and Syrena by JabberjayArt
Princess Tamina_POP by Smiley1starrs
Terk by ChessasWorld
Tia Dalma Calypso
PotC:  Tia Dalma by MandiPope
Tiana by Ukrainian-Angora
Tiger Lily
Peter Pan, Tiger Lily and Indian Chief by silverben
Tinker Bell
Tinker Bell by Genie92
Tink's Friends From Pixie Hollow
Periwinkle by leila1000
Ursula Stanhope from George of the Jungle
I Know Why the Dog Howls at the Moon by Captain-BlackClaw
Vanellope von Schweetz
Chocolate's Sad Day Final Part (By 1519 okay) by ChocolatevonSchweetz
Sci-fi-Warrior - Violet Parr by autumnrose83
Vixie by cdot284
Wendy Darling
COMM: Who is James Hawkins? by chelleface90

Welcome to Disney Heroines!


A club dedicated to the Disney girls who, in the face of danger and adversity, have displayed courage and the will for self sacrifice!


All the info you need is here:
Rules, News, Info, and More

LAST UPDATED: Sunday, November 27, 2016 (6:17 PM EST)



Te Fiti
Gramma Tala
Cruella De Vil
Christine Palmer
Darcy Lewis
Agent Peggy Carter
The First Queen (Snow White's mother, deleted scene character)


Disney Heroines Under Construction!

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 28, 2016, 4:11 PM

So, many of you have read this blog entry: Important: SOME FOLDERS DELETED! Need advice!

Disney Heroines is a group with a large gallery where folders are sorted by character.  There's a folder for Ariel, Belle, Alice, Megara, Merida, etc. as well as more obscure characters like the Spring Sprite, Violet Parr, Kala, etc.  That system was a bit confusing at times, but it seemed sustainable and was explainable with a detailed group guide.  Unfortunately, when I added some more Moana folders, I recently found out that deviantART only allows up to 160 folders.  So it was clear that something needed to change.

After taking members' suggestions and thinking, I have come up with a new system where we will categorize everything by film instead of by character.  Now, it would take forever to move all the larger gallery folders, so instead of moving work from larger folders, I will RENAME the large folders and move the less popular characters' works there.  It sounds confusing, so I will try to explain.

Right now, the folders look like a larger version of this:

Queen Athena
Queen Elinor

And this is what I will do:

Amelia --> [renamed] Treasure Planet
features: Amelia, Sarah Hawkins, etc.
Ariel ---> [renamed] The Little Mermaid series
features: Ariel, Ariel's sisters, Melody, Queen Athena, etc.
Belle ---> [renamed] Beauty and the Beast series
features: Babette, Belle, Mrs. Potts, etc.
Merida ---> [renamed] Brave
features Queen Elinor, etc.

So I will have to rename larger folders, move work from smaller folders, and rewrite the rules.  I'm actually pretty fast with moving things, so the hardest part will be rewriting all the rules.  But please don't panic.

I promise the following things:

1. All your submissions are safe!

As long as it follows the rules, I will NOT remove work.  They will be moved.

2. If I accidentally remove your work for any  reason, I will allow you to resubmit and move it to its right folder or a temporary folder.

Just send a message to me, SavvyRed, to let me know or post anywhere on Disney Heroines, and I will do my best to bring back your work as well as offer a full apology!

3. We are still accepting submissions.

Even if there isn't a current folder for your work, I will put it in temporary folder and then move it to the proper place when everything is done.

Things are going to be a bit weird, but I think this will be for the best.  I don't have all the rules yet, but I think it will be good to have a fresh start.  I'm sorry if this inconveniences you in any way, and feel free to talk to me about it.


Crime Scene CSS

Images & Code by CrimsonReach

Important: SOME FOLDERS DELETED! Need advice!

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 27, 2016, 3:15 PM


So, I didn't know that deviantART has a limit of 160 gallery folders per group.  When I was adding some folders of Moana characters, I discovered that I had to delete folders to make new ones.

You may not know this, but I am not the original Founder of Disney Heroines.  The original Founder designed the gallery to make one folder per character.  I don't think there was a group folder limit, back then and the original Founder probably would never have guessed that there would be over 160 character folders in the future, anyway.

I am faced with a few choices:

Choice #1
I stick with 160 or less folders by deleting empty folders and just hope that there will never be more than 160 characters who have artwork in their folders.

Choice #2
I could include only the most relevant characters in the folders.  For example, there would be folders for characters like Cinderella, Judy Hopps, Belle, etc., but no folders for more obscure characters like Ursula Stanhope, Franny Robinson, Kanga, and others.  It would be a reliable solution, and we wouldn't have to worry about not having enough folders.  However, people wouldn't be able to submit art for wonderful minor characters.  In addition, I'd have to completely get rid of The Comic Character of the Month contest and possibly replace it with a Disney Heroine of the Month contest.  Unfortunately, it would take a lot of time and effort, and I would probably never be able to show contest results on time (plus I'd be stressed out! Ahh!!!).

Choice #3
I could change the entire group gallery structure and make folders based on films rather than individual characters.  For example, instead of having an Ariel folder, there would be  The Little Mermaid folder where you could put all TLM art (as long as it had at least one Disney Heroine).  It would be a very convenient layout, but it would be a big risk!  Disney Heroines' gallery is HUGE, so it would take forever to move thousands of submissions to new folders, not to mention coming up with an entirely new system of organization and rewriting the rules.  If anything went wrong with the transition, it could really ruin the group for a while.

Choice #4
We could upgrade the group to a Super Group, which would allow subfolders.  Although I would still have a lot to change and deviations to move, it would be easier than Choice #3.  However, it cost $59.95 (4,796 deviantART points) per year, and I don't think I coud reasonably afford it on my own.  If we could get a good donation fund started and/or a fundraising contest going, that would be great, but I'm not sure people would donate.

That's all I can think of right now.  We don't have worry about not having enough folders yet, but eventually we will have to make a long-term decision.

Let me know what you guys think.  I'd love to hear opinions and ideas!

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Ai-Don Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2016  Student Filmographer
I think you need to make a folder for Elena, since she was just added to the Disney Princess franchise.
SavvyRed Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Technically, our group is Disney Heroines, not only Disney Princesses.  I would love to add Elena of Avalor, but we only accept characters from Disney films (TV movies don't count).  That's also why we don't accept Princess Sofia.  But thank you for your suggestion, and I'm really sorry that I can't help you out!
Dreachie Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Hi! thank you so much for the invitation ; w ; 
SavvyRed Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
You're very welcome! :D  (Sorry I didn't see this before!).
dronningg Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2016
Hi there! :D 

Thank you a lot for adding my Natasha's cosplay here Love 
SavvyRed Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
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Tenshi-Yoru Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for accepting me in the group Hug 
SavvyRed Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem!  Welcome to Disney Heroines! :hug:
ArielKuran Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2016
Thank you for requesting my Ariel photos. I'm sorry they expired, but I'm having internet problems since June, and it appears they won't solve them before december... If you can send me the requests again, I'll try to accept them from my phone. :hug:
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