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Welcome to Disney Heroines!


A club dedicated to the Disney girls who, in the face of danger and adversity, have displayed courage and the will for self sacrifice!


All the info you need is here:

Rules, News, Info, and More

LAST UPDATED: Friday, March 20, 2015 (2:16 AM EST)

Recently, a member of Comic Underground approached me to ask to advertise their contest.  It was an inking contest, and the prize was $40 US through paypal.  Being that I know nothing about fair or unfair prices of inking, I gladly posted it on Comic Underground and Disney Heroines.

Unfortunately, it soon became controversial as several people posted that the price was too low, that contestants who do not win the contest would have put a lot of effort for no reward, and that the creator of the contest might choose to also use the other entries in addition for free in addition to the paid entry.  Because I am not a professional artist, I do not actually know whether it was a fair contest or not.  I would like to stay neutral because I don't have the proper experience to judge correctly.

I'm very sorry if anyone was upset or offended, including the creator of the contest.  I'm going to disable comments but I wanted to keep this up here just so everyone knows what happened and that I am not trying to remove any sense of blame from myself.  I take full responsibility for anything that may have been upsetting or have gone wrong.  I think some people quit Disney Heroines in protest, and I am very sorry if I disappointed you in some way.  I did not mean it, and I did mean for people to feel as if the group was trying to take advantage of anyone.

I hope that everyone is OK now, and I also would like to apologize to the creator of the contest.  I am not mentioning his name because of the potential that someone might harass him.  So I will also be removing comments.  I'm not offended by anything anyone said, but I do care about his privacy, and that is the only reason why I am removing comments.

Thank you all for being understanding and voicing your opinions.  I prefer it this way because otherwise people would be unhappy with the group without my knowing.

Have a nice day, and send me (SavvyRed) a private message if you need to talk more about this.

- S.

No Heroine Left Behind: RESULTS!

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 19, 2015, 9:08 PM


I'm sure you're all excited about the results of the contest.  To those who don't know about the No Heroine Left Behind Contest, each contestant chose a Disney heroine that was not included in the gallery, made one artwork of her, and submitted a brief paragraph of why they think she is a heroine.  The winner gets 400 deviantART points, and their chosen character is added to the folders and the list of Disney heroine characters we accept.

NOTE: Some people did submit works to the No Heroine Left Behind folder but chose characters who already have folders and did not send me a paragraph about why they think she deserves to be considered a Disney heroine.  I'm sorry that I didn't get a chance to go through them all, but I was REALLY busy with the Mulan feature and another contest in another group.  It took weeks to pull it all together, and I don't copy and paste replies, so I didn't have time to comment on them all.  I'm sorry if anyone was confused by the rules.

But even though there is only one winner, I have been adding about one or two new heroines to the gallery per month.  So in addition to the winner, Maleficent and Honey Lemon will now have their own folders!

And the winner is:


Fairy God Mother (Hard Sketch) by xGuruHaleyx


Fairy God Mother (Hard Sketch) by xguruhaleyx

Why Fairy Godmother is a Disney Heroine:

"I feel Fairy God Mother would be a perfect addition to the heroine list for the sheer fact that she is literally responsible for Cinderella's happily ever after. Without her Cinderella may as well have given up on her dreams of happiness and may have never had the chance to go to the ball and experience just a little bit of freedom. Not only that, but in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, Fairy God Mother tells Aqua that she shouldn't set out to destroy all the darkness in the world, because the world functions on both light and dark forces, essentially teaching that finding balance between the two would be the true victory. Which is a pretty deep message for any Disney character, in my opinion."

Congratulations to 



(in chronological order of submission to the contest)


Little Bo Peep

Little Bo Peep by VampKissLJ
Little Bo Peep by VampKisslj

I think Little Bo Peep from Disney's Toy Story, should be a disney heroin because in the movies she was depicted as gentle, ladylike, and kindhearted, which many Disney heroins are. She even remained loyal to Woody rather than taunting him because of Buzz's rise in popularity. And even when the evidence is stacked against Woody, Bo Peep remains a firm believer in her friend. With these qualities plus the fact that she remained friendly and continued to be herself, I think it true courage for what she did. These are the makings of a true Disney heroin and I believe that she should be added to the list.



The Enchantress

Enchantress by M-Mannering


Enchantress by M-Mannering

In Beauty and the Beast, the Enchantress indirectly brought out the good in Prince Adam (the Beast), as by turning him into a Beast, it taught him patience and to look beyond what he saw. Moreover, by doing so, she gave Belle the adventure she sought, as well as brought them both true love. Hence, she allowed them both to have fuller lives where they could be their best selves, but the Enchantress's magic extended beyond the film! She taught children from all over the world not to judge people on their physical appearance, which I believe extends to age, gender, race, ect.... and instead to look at what's in their hearts, for there is no stronger magic than love. Also, by the Enchantress being a female (which I know all heroines are), she showed young girls that females have just as much power as men, if they choose to use it for good.
So there you have it! These are a few reasons why I believe the Enchantress should be added to your list of heroines. I hope this makes sense Wink/Razz



(from Paper Man)

I wanted to feature Meg from "Paperman". This animated short was absolutely beautiful and Meg has such a wonderful and simple design to her. Her story is remarkable too, proving that there is such a thing as love over coming all and taking chances to follow it. So because of this, I totally see her as a heroine in my book. And plus, she's so much fun to draw!




Maleficent by Horakso


Maleficent by horasko

I think Maleficent should be on the list because:
She was a lovely girl, lead to anger for the betrayal of her love, but always she was pure in her heart.
His compassion for Aurora is in the end, stronger than his anger.
His kiss containing the pure love that broke the spell.
And because we all love his last movie! ! This is my portrait of her:



Honey Lemon

repainted ooak honey lemon doll from big hero 6. by verirrtesIrrlicht


repainted ooak honey lemon by verirrtesIrrlicht

i think she's a disney heroine because she went from a normal scientist girl to become a super hero. she wants to help her friend hiro find out who is responsible for the death of his brother and she overcomes her fears in the lst battle they have with the antagonist of the movie. she's super sweet, intelligent and has a huge heart. (: so i think she def deserves to be called a disney heroine!




(Skunk from Bambi)
[entry also includes all female Bambi and Bambi 2 characters]

Twitterpated  by chelseahanson


Twitterpated by chelseahanson

I think of the females from Walt Disney's "Bambi" as heroines as they are key to the plot of the movies. For example, Bambi's mother is an influential leader and guide to Bambi, the little prince, and she is possibly the love interest of the great prince of the forest. This possibly earns her the title of a princess. Faline, Bambi's love interest would likewise earn a title as a princess and heroine. As for the rest of the females, I simply feel that they could inspire some pretty amazing art.




(from the Disney short "The Goddess of Spring")

The Goddess Of Spring by valloria

The Goddess of Spring by valloria

Persephone is the main character in Disney's 1934 short "The Goddess of Spring". As the titular character, she has the power of spring: bringing trees and flowers into bloom. Without her, the plants wither and the animals grieve. Even though she is portrayed as the gentler type of heroine, she determines to oppose Hades, who kidnaps her to the Underworld. She refuses all his gifts and will not be happy unless she is returned to the Overworld. We see that in the ending, Hades releases her. The world is shown blooming again as the winter thaws into spring.


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Sorry, but the site only uses Disney movies that have been made by Disney.  All the Star Wars don't count because they weren't made by Disney or Pixar.

I will add probably three more characters in April.  I'm not sure who they will be.  I am definitely adding Go Go Tamago, but I'm not sure about the other two.  I would love to add Anastasia Tremaine and Maddellaine, but I don't want to just add characters who I like.  That's why I added Honey Lemon and Maleficent (okay, I love Maleficent, but I still knew I had to pick Honey Lemon as well.  Everyone loves her! :)  I need to watch Big Hero 6!).  I will add Moana, but I'll wait until the movie comes out into theaters.  
Sweeneygirl310593 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2015
Damn! Lol. I suppose that makes sense. 

and I totally second the addition of Madiline! Big Hero Six was awesome and adorable. I now have a baymax plushie :)
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Aww, that's cute!  I would love to have one of those, too.  I imagine it's incredibly squishy.
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