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Guardians of the Galaxy : Gamora 4 by Amapolchen
Rescue by PhoenixStudios91
Princess Avengers: BLACK WIDOW (Really) by Christopher-Stoll
Rabbit Easter contest - Jessica Rabbit by ChessasWorld
Rabbit-tize Contest
Esmerabbit by WanderSong
Rabbit-ize Contest - Sally by Tabascofanatikerin
Judy Hopps and little Easter Bunny by SweetPrank
curiouser and curiouser by callmetui
No Heroine Left Behind Contest
repainted ooak honey lemon doll from big hero 6. by verirrtesIrrlicht
The Goddess Of Spring by valloria
Twitterpated  by chelseahanson
Maleficent by Horakso
Winter and Holiday Contest
This will keep you warm.. by rosarosi
Helga Sinclair by Art-By-Stephanie
Christmas Wishes by Kastagir
Tangled Christmas Shopping by aimeekitty
Past Contest Winners
Rabbit Easter contest - Jessica Rabbit by ChessasWorld
Inktober 2015 Day #1: Scarlet Witch by valloria
Fairy God Mother (Hard Sketch) by xGuruHaleyx
And Now You're Mine by ViridianVenus
Comic Character of the Month - Peggy Carter
Agent Carter Original Art by DenaeFrazierStudios
Agent Peggy Carter by FilipaP
Agent Peggy Carter by SavvyRed
Two or More Disney Heroines
The Sleeper and The Rose by Mickey-Spectrum
Ariel and Melody first Christmas by Phoenix-DreamAngel
A real princess... Brave cosplay by Giuzzys
Hercules True fanclub by Phoenix-DreamAngel
Fan Fiction
BE OUR GUEST, ALICE by barmybritishbird
Down the Rabbit Hole by mshellee
Looking for Wonderland by MlleBeckieR
Tea Party by morganadulac
Alice Kingsleigh
Alice Through The Looking Glass by JoviClaire
Heromachine: Alice Kingsleigh by ARTIST-SRF
Alice Kingsleigh. by Verrett
Alice - Cartoon High by HayashisSheep
[ DISNEY vs MARCHEF'S ART ] Captain Limonchelia by IustinianieArchers
Captain Amelia by TULIO19mx
Captain Amelia 4 by ThePuddins
Captain Amelia 3 by ThePuddins
Anastasia Tremaine
Cinderella: Stepsisters3 by thetrappedartist
Cinderella: Stepsisters4 by thetrappedartist
Cinderella: Stepsisters2 by thetrappedartist
Anastasia Tremaine by TottieWoodstock
Angelica Teach Cosplay by BabiSparrow
Angelica Teach and Jack Sparrow in love s2 by BabiSparrow
what i want by katrinaart
Angelica Teach by M4TiKo
Indian Dancer-Anita by autumnrose83
Roger and Anita by DitaDiPolvere
Anita by Fires-storm
Anita Radcliffe-Dearly by EnihpledAmira
Anna color study by PhillieCheesie
Frozen - Anna in the garden by vaxzone
Princess Anna by Sailor-Aria
For the fist time in forever by Elliepamp
Isn't it neat? by SachiiA
Modern Ariel -Fan Art by AlaishaTheWolf
repainted ooak singing ariel doll. wip. by verirrtesIrrlicht
Ariel - The Little Mermaid by titania-cosplay
Ariel's sisters
The Little Mermaid: Attina by thetrappedartist
The Little Mermaid: Alana by thetrappedartist
The Little Mermaid: Arista by thetrappedartist
The Little Mermaid: Aquata by thetrappedartist
Princess Atta by Moon-Shyne
Princess Atta by KrofftFan96
Atta by intrepidMUSE
The Bugs Are Bigger in Florida by onnawufei
Atlantis: Audrey Ramirez by thetrappedartist
Audrey Ramirez from Atlantis: The Lost Empire by Fires-storm
- Audrey Rocio Ramirez - by MeuWi
Audrey Doll by Sner2000
Aurora by NUMYUMY
Magic Under The Waves by Phoenix-DreamAngel
Fanart: Princess Aurora by Gii3
Chibi Aurora by Nepluz
Aunt Cass
Lucy and Cass by laney10
Babette aka The Feather Duster
Mademoiselle Featherduster by Tsukihana
Draw it Again: Beauty by Rebellet
Belle by Dreachie
Belle by silverz777
Belle VI by titania-cosplay
Miss Bianca Doll by Sner2000
Miss Bianca by cdot284
A Squirt of Perfume by greydeer2010
Brave Bianca by greydeer2010
Black Widow - Natasha Romanoff
Black Widow by FilipaP
Buckwidow by valloria
Black Widow by Dandelyonn
AvengeNERDS by CarlynnRose
Blue Fairy
Be A Good Boy by XxRoxasPrincessxX
Blue Fairy OOAK Doll by lulemee
Deco Blue - The Blue Fairy by EdselArnold
Blue Fairy (colour) by la-fee-verte-art
Bonnie Anderson
Bonnie_ Toy Story FanArt by Lightyear90
Disney Girl Challenge 3: Bonnie by ThemawtArcsion
Bonnie Hopps
Who am I? by Gamekirby
Disney Girl Challenge 4 : Boo by ThemawtArcsion
Bo Peep
Bo Peep by Genie92
Toy Story 4 by Gilliland35
Bo Peep by himehisagi
Prince Naveen of Maldonia by SamanthaLynnCosplay
Charlotte La Bouff by PinkyPills
True Love and Fairytales by SamanthaLynnCosplay
Charlotte La Bouff by SamanthaLynnCosplay
Princess Cinderella by natalico
Cinderella Queen by Sonala
Cinderella - Disney Designer Princesses by Katifisen
Buona e gentile by vitarossa91
Mom! by DitaDiPolvere
Chicha by Xijalle
Disney Gals: Chicha by herofan135
Chicha by SelenaEde
Colette - Lady and the Tramp 2
Colette - Ratatouille
Disney Girl Challenge 6: Colette by ThemawtArcsion
Guess I'll just have to dumb it down to your level by SweetJesterQueen
Disgust- Inside Out by RyuShaina
Disgust by RyuShaina
Inside Out Fanart Contest Art - Disgust by InsideOutGirlKatie
Another Dixie Drawing! by SegaDisneyUniverse
Sly Dogs by SelenaEde
dixie and copper by GoldieRetriever
Dixie n' Dixie by hirurux
'P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney' by DenisDlugas
Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming... by grim1978
Finding Dory by matthoworth
DORY by jazdedios
Drill Sergeant - Zootopia
Dr. Madge Honey Badger
The Aristocats by uumbrella
Nine Lives by deviantetienne
Duchess of the Roses by greydeer2010
Little Duchess by SegaDisneyUniverse
Elastigirl aka Helen Parr
X-Girl-Elastigirl 1 by autumnrose83
X-Girl-Elastigirl Before  After by autumnrose83
X-Girl-Elastigirl 2 by autumnrose83
Breaking Disney Mrs Incredible/Marie Schrader by Natashas-Artworks
Princess Eilonwy by DANGERcomics
Sci-fi-Warrior - Eilonwy by autumnrose83
I say what goes. by grim1978
Keyblade Wielder Eilonwy by kiyomisa
Elizabeth Swann
Elizabeth Swann by ShankiesDoodles
Will and Elizabeth by Mareishon
Curse of the Black Pearl by VD-Art
Elizabeth Swann - Pirates of the Caribbean by filipeoliveira
Frozen Elsa by whereyougo
Elsa Frozen watercolor by michelacacciatore
Frozen Powers by Phoenix-DreamAngel
Freedom in the storm by Phoenix-DreamAngel
Beaty And The Beast by La-Clover
Disney: Esmeralda by kimberly-castello
Like Fire by Fires-storm
Modern Esmeralda by AnneMarie1986
Esmeralda by enveniya
Define dancing by grim1978
Plant? by PhantomPhoenix4
EVE - from the pixar movie Wall-E by MlleBeckieR
EVE - Speed Model by curux
Fairy Godmother
bibbity bobbity boo by AuroreCosplay
Magical Fairy Godmother - Handmade Felt Doll by ultimateduofan
Helena Bonham Carter Fairy Godmother doll repaint by noeling
Fairy God Mother (Hard Sketch) by xGuruHaleyx
Fa Li - Mulan's mother
Feline And Family by dyb
Disney University  Faline by Hyung86
The First Queen - Snow White's mother
A mother's wish by eleonoraisabelle
Franny Robinson
Disney Girl Challenge 7: Franny by ThemawtArcsion
Fru Fru
Gamora Banner by SavvyRed
Gamora and Rocket Raccoon Inked by guillomcool
Gamora blue shadow by guillomcool
Gamora by PhoenixStudios91
Disney's Zootopia Gazelle OOAK Doll Repaint by DaisyDaling
Disney's Zootopia Gazelle OOAK Doll Repaint by DaisyDaling
Zootopia's Pop Star by Fawnadeer
Gazelle by SweetPrank
The Maiden And The Fireflies by Phoenix-DreamAngel
Oh Dear... by earth-angel13
Modern Giselle 2 by AnneMarie1986
Modern Giselle by AnneMarie1986
Go-Go Tamago
30 Day Challenge - 21st - Gogo Tomago by himehisagi
Gogo Tomago Bikini and Black Jaguar by Dinalfos5
repainted ooak go go tomago doll from big hero 6. by verirrtesIrrlicht
Gogo Tomago by MarioOscarGabriele
Grand Councilwoman
Grandma Fa
''Nothing personal.'' by MeuWi
Helga Sinclair from Atlantis: The Lost Empire by Fires-storm
Helga 01 +OLD+ 08.01 by LPDisney
Helga Sinclair by happyeverafter
Honey Lemon
Honey Lemon - Big Hero 6 by Kargonaute
Honey Lemon by CarlynnRose
HoneyLemon by TULIO19mx
Honey Lemon by MarioOscarGabriele
Jane - Return to Neverland
Older Jane by Ribon95
Peter Pan + Jane by Ribon95
Jane Pan (2) by JoshuaOrro
Jane Pan by JoshuaOrro
Jane Porter - Tarzan
Jane Porter by M-Mannering
Jane drawing Tarzan by Pasoslargos
Jane Inspired Shoe - Disney Sole by becsketch
See Jane Fall by earth-angel13
Princess Jasmine by Rei-Doll
Chibi Jasmine by Nepluz
Princess Jasmine finds Maine by Phoenix-DreamAngel
My Little POnies world by Phoenix-DreamAngel
Disney Girl Challenge 10: Jenny by ThemawtArcsion
Toy Girls First Anniversary - Jenny Foxworth by mickeyelric11
Toy Girls - Catalogue Series 21: Jenny Foxworth by mickeyelric11
Disney Ladies- Jenny by chelleface90
Jessica Rabbit
I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way by PHATboyArt
Walk in the Rain by ChessasWorld
Good Morning by ChessasWorld
Black Dress by ChessasWorld
Jessie Pride by Lightyear90
Infinity and Beyond by PhantomPhoenix4
Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl by JoJo-Seames
Well Hey There Little Critter by TheCelticLioness
Joy- Inside Out by RyuShaina
Disney Girl Challenge 11: Joy by ThemawtArcsion
Singing To Harmony by InsideOutGirlKatie
Inside Out Twins Joy And Shy by InsideOutGirlKatie
Judy Hopps
Zoo-comic 19 by NACCHAN96
Judy Hopps - Zootopia by PakuPaku-Ru
Zootopia - At the Office by Aleriy
Zoo-comic 18 by NACCHAN96
You'll Be in My Heart... (Line Art) by KandyKocaine
Kala painting 2 by EnihpledAmira
Kala painting 1 by EnihpledAmira
Kala by EnihpledAmira
The Fishing Queen by dyb
Kovu and Kiara mini bean bags by Nala1994
kissing Kovu and Kiara by Nala1994
Kiara and Kovu at dawn by DigitalIguana
Kidagakash aka Kida
repainted ooak princess kida of atlantis doll. by verirrtesIrrlicht
Kida by Blyez
Kida Nedakh by Inspector97
SG: Kida: Remastered by Akili-Amethyst
Lady by JabberjayArt
Lady and the Tramp Papercut by smallrinilady
Stained Glass: Lady and the Tramp -Vector- by Akili-Amethyst
Catcha Later, Tenderfoot by Dead-Raccoons
Lady Kluck
Fanart: Lilo by Gii3
Happy 626 Day! by jackfreak1994
Lilo by MoonlightArt13
Lilo by Antych
Little Red Riding Hood
Red Riding Hood - Journey to Fruition by DenaeFrazierStudios
Cutie Red Riding Hood by valloria
Grimm Fairy Tales - Red Riding Hood w/Wolf by DenaeFrazierStudios
Grimm Fairy Tales-Red Riding Hood Sketch Art Card by DenaeFrazierStudios
Lucy Pevensie
Edmund and Lucy by JabberjayArt
RRW - You can't come back by TaijaVigilia
By the Lamp-post by clarinking
Lucy and The Wardrobe by SnowWhite3684
Madellaine as Esmeralda (Topsy Turvy Dress) by ThomasAnime
Maid Marian
Robin Hood and Maid Marian by AbigailBolin
The Phony King of England (Twist Fate) by Nogko
Maid Marian by Genie92
Robin Hood and maid Marian 4 by silverben
MALEFICENT by KirpaElena
Girl Power! by Redworld96
Disney Villain's Designer Collection by Katifisen
Maleficent by Katifisen
Sun Dust by Fonora
Movie Time by dyb
Disney's Aristocats - Marie by kharis-art
Marie by cdot284
Kittens (Request) by PhantomPhoenix4
Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins Inspired Shoe - Disney Sole by becsketch
Mary Poppins by thetrappedartist
Just a Spoonful of...Tribbles? by ErinPrimette
Mary and Mary by nabatute
Meg - Paperman
Disney Paperman OOAK doll by lulemee
Paperman by grim1978
Ancient Grease  by Gilliland35
I won't say I'm in love by SilenZahra
Are You Always This Articulate by Phoenix-DreamAngel
I Vow This To You by Phoenix-DreamAngel
I Saw Something  Melody by Phoenix-DreamAngel
Disney's Melody - Sketch by didouchafik
Oh Sebastian, I Can't Help It! by MoonlightNailArt
Sci-fi-Warrior - Melody 3 by autumnrose83
Merida by MoonlightArt13
Chibi Merida by Nepluz
I'll be Brave (Merida) by AnastasiaRedApple
Merida by INA3
Mia Thermopolis
The Live Action Disney Princesses by FlyingPrincess
Mirana the White Queen
repainted ooak the white queen mirana doll. by verirrtesIrrlicht
repainted ooak mirana, the white queen doll. by verirrtesIrrlicht
Mother Rabbit
Mrs. Otterton
Mrs. Otterton with Open Arms by KBAFourthtime
Mrs. Potts
Mrs. Potts by Genie92
Beaded Mrs Potts from Disney by Anabiyeni
Mrs. Potts by izabunny
The Pots by SpanishRose98
If he had only looked down by Kannakomi
Asian beauties by Lailary
Mulan by INA3
Mulan detail by Katifisen
Mulan II Princesses - Su, Mei, and Ting-Ting
Princess Mei (Mulan 2) (2) by jajuruns90rebels
Mei, Su+Ting-Ting (Mulan 2) (4) by jajuruns90rebels
Princess Ting-Ting by jajuruns90rebels
Princess Su by jajuruns90rebels
The Muses
Summer Muse by chelleface90
Calliope- The Muse of Epic Tales by Magik-Llama
Thalia- Muse of Comedy by Magik-Llama
Terpischore- The Muse of Dance by Magik-Llama
Nakoma by Glee-chan
Nakoma + Bambi by Ninquetolliel
Nakoma of Virgina by SelenaEde
Disney Brides: Nakoma by MandiPope
Lion King by dyb
Nalaisme by dyb
I CAN by NiusJose
Disney Girl Challenege 11: Nala by ThemawtArcsion
Nani Doll by Sner2000
Nani by sambeawesome
Mulan as Nani 4 by Ohanamaila
Nani Pelekai by Diannya
Olivia Doll by Sner2000
Happy Birthaday Amber by Conyy-disney15
Disney Hogwarts-Olivia the Ravenclaw by SparklyBlueRoses84
A Flaversham Father's Day by happyeverafter
Peggy Carter
Penny - 101 Dalmatians
Penny - Bolt
Just a girl and her dog, Bolt. by KayleeOliverCosplay
Penny and Bolt by KayleeOliverCosplay
Bolt, SPEAK by InkArtWriter
Penny by InkArtWriter
Penny - Inspector Gadget
Toy Girls - Catalogue Series 31: Penny Gadget by mickeyelric11
Penny Gadget's head by Wael-sa
Teenage Penny Gadget by Wael-sa
Penny - The Rescuers
Disney's Penny by I-AmThatIsJamala
Penny + Simba by Ninquetolliel
Medusa and Penny Pin Up by SelenaEde
Orphans by Stardust-Phantom
Pepper Potts
Marvel's Rescue / Iron Girl /  Iron Maiden by cyehra
Marvel: Pepper Potts cosplay by dronningg
Avengers Civies - Door Chibi Set by Kiell-Art
Civilians (Marvel Earth-616-19999) by LoganWaynee
If Pongo and Perdita were Human by Rebellet
And they call it puppy love by cdot284
Perdita-Patient mother by greydeer2010
Perdita The Angel by SegaDisneyUniverse
Stitch! - Perfect Memories by jajuruns90rebels
Stitch! Perfect Memory by jajuruns90rebels
Pocahontas - Dreamcatcher by Sonnana
Running in the forest by Biseuse
Pocahontas and Miko by CrazyHunkLord
Princess Pocahontas by CarlynnRose
Queen Athena
Ariels Beginning Queen Athena by thetrappedartist
repainted ooak queen athena doll. - ariel's mom. by verirrtesIrrlicht
Queen Elinor
The queen, Brave cosplay. by Giuzzys
Brave: Queen Elinor2 by thetrappedartist
Brave: Queen Elinor by thetrappedartist
Brave: Queen Elinor3 by thetrappedartist
Queen Iduna
Kingdom Hearts 3D Quorra by JoshuaOrro
Quorra by Horakso
Quorra by J-Skipper
Allure - The Isotope by AmadeuxWay
Rapunzel by Sarane-chan
Disney Tangled - Rapunzel 6 by KiaraBerry
Rapunzel by morganadulac
My light by Phoenix-DreamAngel
Rebecca Reid
John And Rebecca Reid Sketches by wolf-pirate55
Save A Horse by wolf-pirate55
My Home by wolf-pirate55
A Heavy Badge by wolf-pirate55
Red Harrington
Red Harrington by DouglasBunny
Riley Andersen
Art Trade: Ryan by SegaDisneyUniverse
Happy 27 Years Oliver and Company! by SegaDisneyUniverse
(Collab) A walk through the cemetery by SegaDisneyUniverse
Legend of Super Rita (Description Update!) by SegaDisneyUniverse
Sadness by RomanGodMercury
I'm so sad, I can't even walk... by SweetJesterQueen
Sadness- Inside Out by RyuShaina
Super Sadness World by silvanuszed
Sally by Amaranthine-Moon
Sally by TULIO19mx
Jack and Sally Original Art by DenaeFrazierStudios
Sally Stitches by Yaraffinity
The Lion King - Humans by JR-Julia
Sarabi Sunlight by dyb
Mufasa, Sarabi and Simba - vector by DigitalIguana
Family Time by DigitalIguana
Sarah Hawkins
Treasure Planet: Sarah Hawkins by thetrappedartist
Scarlet Witch - Wanda Maximoff
Scarlet Witch by shamserg
Marvel: Scarlet Witch / Wanda Maximoff - 7 by Amapolchen
Scarlet Witch by FilipaP
Scarlet Witch - Hex power inked by guillomcool
Sergeant Calhoun
Calhoun Sketch by Confidenceman047
Cuddles on the Train by LiloandStitchFan
Pleasure Before Business by LiloandStitchFan
She's Gone...Isn't She? by LiloandStitchFan
Historical Disney Warrior Princess - Shanti by Pelycosaur24
Mowgli and Shanti Jungle Teens by Dinalfos5
Mowgli, Messua and Shanti jungle outfits. by Dinalfos5
Shanti (The Jungle Book) (2) by jajuruns90rebels
Little Rabbit by InkArtWriter
Sis Rabbit by CaseyDecker
Sis Bunny Gives a Present by KBAFourthtime
Sis Sleeping by KBAFourthtime
Snow White
Snow White by Axsens
I'm Wishing by TottieWoodstock
Snow White + Video by portrait-perso
Snow White by Kran-art
Spring Sprite  +OLD+ 02.01 by LPDisney
Like A Phoenix by ShamanGirl1
Season's Greetings by ShamanGirl1
Fantasia by Conyy-disney15
Sugar Plum Fairy
Sugar Rush Racers
Minty Zaki by PilloTheStarplestian
Adorabeezle Winterpop by PilloTheStarplestian
Candlehead! by PilloTheStarplestian
Minty Sakura (Candlehead...?) by PilloTheStarplestian
Susan Pevensie
The Lion and the warrior by TaijaVigilia
Philip and Syrena by JabberjayArt
I Can Save You by ShamanGirl1
Syrena and Phillip...true love by jay3jay
The most passionate love... by jay3jay
Princess Tamina_POP by Smiley1starrs
Destiny by Vikki93
Not kill, but save one by nackmu
Tamina by spirit815
Terk by ChessasWorld
Three Good Fairies
Three Fairies Sketch by snowtigra
Flora, Fauna, and Merriweather by JoJo-Seames
Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather by SpanishRose98
THE REAL HEROINES! by barmybritishbird
Tia Dalma Calypso
PotC:  Tia Dalma by MandiPope
Tia Dalma -PotC- by kyla79
Lily Of The Ocean by Phoenix-DreamAngel
Sparkle by hiyokoss
Chibi Tiana by Nepluz
Disney University - Tiana by Hyung86
Tiger Lily
Peter Pan, Tiger Lily and Indian Chief by silverben
Tiger Lilies by M-Mannering
X-Girl Princess Tiger Lily by autumnrose83
The Little Things by Tuffuny
Tinker Bell
Tinkerbell by La-Clover
Tinkerbell by JupiterBlossem
The Magic of Tinkerbell by David3X
A-KTheLittleFairy Request - Crown Collection by CarlynnRose
Tink's Friends From Pixie Hollow
Zarina the Pirate Fairy by MoonlightNailArt
Bracelet Trendy inspired by Silvermist - Disney by FashionZambara
Bracelet Trendy inspired by Periwinkle - Disney by FashionZambara
Free give away OOAK periwinkle doll by lulemee
Ursula Stanhope from George of the Jungle
I Know Why the Dog Howls at the Moon by Captain-BlackClaw
Azalea's Dress-up Dolls 4 by Rapper1996
Vanellope von Schweetz
Vanellope - NOPE! by artistsncoffeeshops
Stained Glass: Vanellope -Vector- by Akili-Amethyst
Vanellope von Schweetz by murrigart
Vanellope von schweetz by AskAlease
Sci-fi-Warrior - Violet Parr by autumnrose83
Violet Parr by TheJasminator
Scenes of Life - Photography by mickeyelric11
SiBlings' Day - Scenes of Life by mickeyelric11
Vixie by cdot284
Vixey in the forest by greydeer2010
Tod and Vixey by greydeer2010
Little Vixie by SegaDisneyUniverse
Wendy Darling
House of Hook by Gilliland35
What's A Hug? by earth-angel13
My Name Is Wendy. Wendy Moira Angela Darling. by ElusiveValyrian
Teen Pan and Wendy by didouchafik

Welcome to Disney Heroines!


A club dedicated to the Disney girls who, in the face of danger and adversity, have displayed courage and the will for self sacrifice!


All the info you need is here:
Rules, News, Info, and More

LAST UPDATED: Sunday, September 4, 2016 (5:34 PM EST)



Agent Peggy Carter
Colette (Lady and the Tramp)
The First Queen (Snow White's mother, deleted scene character)


Sick and Busy: Sorry for Inactivity

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 28, 2016, 3:52 PM

Sorry about being inactive lately.  I've been really busy joining a new organization at my alma mater, and now I'm sick.  I feel tired a lot, so I can't do much on deviantART.  I'm starting to get a little better, but I don't know how much time and energy I'll have for now.  But I will do my best to catch up on things.

Go Green - Gamora Feature

Sun Sep 4, 2016, 1:49 PM

Comic Character of the Month: August 2016


Hosted by Comic Underground and Disney Heroines


Disney Heroines

Guardians of the Galaxy - Gamora 4 by Amapolchen

Comic Underground

Zoe Saldana-Gamora by Clarkarts24

What is the Comic Character of the Month?

Comic Underground and Disney Heroines co-host a special contest called The Comic Character of the Month contest. Every month, the head admin chooses a comic book character from Disney's Marvel films, and people submit artwork based on that character. All Comic Underground sponsored artwork in the Comic Underground Gallery based on that character is automatically included in contest, but please put all submissions be put in the Comic Underground Comic Character of the Month gallery folder. Similarly, all Disney Heroines sponsored artwork in the chosen character's folder based on that character is automatically included in contest, but please put all Disney submissions be put in the Disney Heroines Comic Character of the Month gallery folder. One winner is chosen from each group, and both winners get 10 deviantART point each, a permanent place for their winning work in the Featured section of the group they submitted it to. Everyone who submitted work for the contest will have their work in a group feature (which is this!) that appears in in the blog of both groups.

Thoughts on Gamora

Usually, ImpulsiveSpidercide writes a detailed description about the history of characters as the literature portion of the feature. However, that didn't work out, so I (SavvyRed will do my best!

- S.

In Guardians of the Galaxy, one of Gamora's interesting traits is her appearance. Although she is quite built, she is not like She-Hulk, whose muscles are frequently so exaggerated that it borders on being a fetish. This may have been a difference that intended to distinguish Gamora from being mistaken for She-Hulk because of her green skin. I think it is good that she has a muscular appearance because most physically strong female comic book characters are unrealistically thin and too busty. Comic books have heterosexual men as their target audience, so female characters run around half-naked and often look more like women from a dirty magazine than someone who is going to save the world. Although I never supported the decision for Disney to purchase Marvel, one positive result is that female characters are more modest in their attire. I think women can wear whatever they want, even if it is revealing, but it gets irritating when they only look that way to please the male gaze. Hopefully, Disney Marvel will offer more female characters who aren't just eye candy; Disney seems to have more female fans than male, so perhaps feminism will prevail.

- S.

Disney Heroines

Guardians of the Galaxy - What IF - non-canon by LoganWayneeGuardians of the Galaxy (Marvel Earth-61619) by LoganWayneeGuardians of the Galaxy by DaveJorelGuardians of the Galaxy by JabberjayArtGuardians of the Galaxy : Gamora by AmapolchenGamora blue shadow by guillomcoolGamora by TULIO19mxGamora and Rocket Raccoon Colors by guillomcoolR3Gamora by TULIO19mxDSCGamora by TULIO19mxGamora (Marvel Earth-61619) by LoganWayneeGamora and Rocket Raccoon Inked by guillomcoolGuardians of the Galaxy : Gamora 3 by AmapolchenGuardians of the Galaxy : Gamora 2 by AmapolchenI'm a warrior, an assassin. I don't dance. by grim1978Marvel Earth-61619 Heroes Phase2 - Year's end gift by LoganWayneeGamora by PhoenixStudios91 The Guardians Are Coming! By MrWonderWorksListen up True Believers, since the movie adaptation of Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy was such a big hit.
Disney XD realized that the time is right for the Guardians to have their own cartoon series, now that could only mean 1 thing.
(Sighs) Sorry, i've always wanted to say that but nonetheless, you'll see these band of misfits or a-holes if you saw their 1st trailer, will join Spidey & The Avengers this year.
To prove my point i will give you 19 clips form Marvel's official YouTube channel, here we go!
Here's the 1st early trailer to the cartoon adaptation of the film.

Now here's the 2nd early trailer to the cartoon adaptation of the film as well.

OK, here's the moment that y'all been waiting for, this is the 1st official trailer to Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy: The Animated Series.

Guardians' update, i officially have a 2nd trailer just 4 you it's calle

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Ai-Don Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2016  Student Filmographer
I think you need to make a folder for Elena, since she was just added to the Disney Princess franchise.
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Hi! thank you so much for the invitation ; w ; 
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Thank you a lot for adding my Natasha's cosplay here Love 
SavvyRed Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
You're very welcome!  I love your cosplays! :D :highfive:
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No problem!  Welcome to Disney Heroines! :hug:
ArielKuran Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2016
Thank you for requesting my Ariel photos. I'm sorry they expired, but I'm having internet problems since June, and it appears they won't solve them before december... If you can send me the requests again, I'll try to accept them from my phone. :hug:
SavvyRed Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Ok sure!  I'll do that now! :hug:  Thanks!!! :)
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